Why Blog?

Why did I decide to blog…

For one, I’ve always wanted to blog. Heck, I’ve even tried blogging before…but failed…miserably! However, this time around I have direction. I have a purpose in what I want to blog about, and more importantly, I actually paid for this website. (If that’s not enough motive to keep going, I don’t know what is)!

I technically started my writing journey last summer, but didn’t really go full force into it until the beginning of this year (2017). In the beginning I was completely lost, spent tons of time on Pinterest reading other blog post, and hours watching YouTube. (Who am I kidding, I still do this)! In all this “research” I discovered one common re-occurrence,  The Writer’s Platform. (Or an Author’s Platform).

              Author’s Platform:       Is YOUR platform as a writer/author. It’s a marketing strategy, that’s gets you interacting with your audience. It doesn’t market just a specific piece of work, but you, the author. Your platform is the activities you engage in that gets your face and name out there to get you noticed by the public.  EX: Blogging, Vlogging – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media outlets.

After that it became apparent that I needed to create my own platform. I knew when I first started that I wanted my platform to be more personal. I wanted people to know me and what my life is like. I wanted to share my journey as a new writer learning the ropes and how I balance it with everyday life as a mom and wife. Hence, came this blog!

I believe that blogging will allow me to do this in the best possible way. I can track my journey in writing my first novel, as well as, share my life. This journey is more than me just sitting in front of my computer and writing a book. It’s a balancing act of pursing this dream of becoming an author, as well as, putting and keeping my family first.

For now, I think blogging is the perfect way to get me out there and meeting new people. I also have an Instagram, Twitter, and am an active pinner of Pinterest. (You can be connected to them by the social media icons on the top of my page.) I hope to get my own YouTube going in the near future! So let’s connect!


*Can we just take a moment for a little happy dance for my first blog post!*


  1. Love your blog!! I have learned so much from starting my own blog and love having a place to share my thoughts without having to “please” anybody except for myself! I can’t wait to watch your journey here on the blog and to read your future novel! Xoxo

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    1. Omg! Thank goodness you didn’t hate it! I feel like it’s terrible! The first post and the about me page kicked my butt! I have so much to learn still. But this is me, this is who I am…I’m not perfect!


      1. I love the minimalistic feel of your blog layout. It’s awesome! We all start somewhere! I felt the same way about my first few posts ( well heck I still feel that way!) but that is how we learn. I’m excited to watch it grow!! I’d love for you to check out my blog if you haven’t already. It’s about living minimally, traveling and everything in between! http://www.smalllivingbigworld.com

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