What a week!

This week has been crazy! I had every intention of getting out a blog post before now, but life happened and I’m just now getting to it.

Now, let me just state, things weren’t over the top crazy this week. I’ve had worse weeks. But for this mama this week just kicked my ass!

First of all, my little boy started preschool officially on Tuesday. He now goes to school 4 days a week, and we have to be there by 8:15 AM…and let’s just say that’s been a huge adjustment not only for him, but for me as well. I am not a morning person at all. I repeat, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!

So, that’s definitely been a treat this week. (And it’s only week one! If you need me I’ll be crying in the bathroom!)

On top of the early mornings, and bedtimes, Zayn hasn’t been sleeping well. We’re not entirely sure what the deal is, but we think it might be nightmares. I’m hoping the 3 day weekend will help and he will get back to his usual sleep schedule. Plus, he’s been very emotional all week.

Now, lets add to the stress and restless nights. After picking up Zayn one morning this week I came home to my favorite flip flops (which I’ve had for 2 years because I can’t find anymore of them), Zayn’s shoes, and Zayn’s favorite Spider man action figure all chewed up by our pup Arlo. To say the least I was furious and emotional, and had a little breakdown in the hall.

Lastly, I had my 24 week checkup yesterday.
My husband usually always makes it to my appointments. He’s only missed 1 with my son, and so far only 1 with our baby girl. That one being yesterday, due to him having to work. Now, he usually drives to our appointments, and since he couldn’t make it I ended up driving the hour and a half trip to Jackson. Luckily, I didn’t have to go alone. My mom and son tagged along, leaving our dogs home alone for a few hours.

Oh the joys of being a pet owner!

Jesse was able to run home to let them out while we were gone. Now, our older dog does great (most of the time), it’s just our new dog that we have all the problems with. Jesse came home to find that Arlo had puked on our blankets. Then when he got off work, he walked in to find that Arlo had completely tore up his bed! Like what dog does that? He officially has no dog bed anymore and I’m happy we didn’t spend too much on it.

Let’s just say we will probably never have another puppy!

On a positive note, the appointment went great (except for the wait)! Heartbeat was great, my blood pressure was good, and she is measuring right on track. I’ve started to have some braxton hicks, but not enough to cause any concern. I also, finally, gained a few pounds. With all the morning sickness and gallstone problems I had lost weight and wasn’t gaining anything. Then in the last 4 weeks she decided to make an appearance. People finally are noticing I’m pregnant!


Okay, that’s it. I’m done rambling about my week! Look out for a new post tomorrow. The topic is on writing! (It’s about time I did another one!)


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