NaNoWriMo Week 1 Review

Well, week 1 has already come and gone, and I got all the words written that I could.
Did you?

My goal for week 1 was 10,000 words, and guys, I DID IT! I even managed to write an additional 2,500 words! (Insert horrible happy dance right here)!

I honestly thought I’d be struggling with my first Nano, but shockingly I’m doing pretty well. (At least for now!) I’m trying to get as much written that I can before the burn out comes, and I know its coming. It always comes!
But, I’m determined to get this first draft finished before little miss makes her grand arrive at Christmas.


So, here’s a little recap of my 1st week of Nano!

November 1st – Day 1

The first day of Nano got a late start. Both me and my son caught whatever virus that’s been circulating around, and we were both a little under the weather. Then, we had our 32 week checkup on our little girl. These doctor trips kind of turn into an all day kind of thing, since our doctor is about an hour and a half to two hour drive away (depending on the weather and roads) from where we live. So, by the time we got home and all settled in it was getting late, but I still managed to get started on my WIP. I didn’t reach my daily word count goal, but I wrote something, and that’s all that matters.

DAY 1 WC: 648

November 2nd – Day 2

Second day of Nano was extremely slow and a bit frustrating. I don’t know what was wrong with me. The words just wouldn’t come through and it took me all day to catch up my word count. And when I say all day, I really mean ALL DAY. I started writing around 9-ish in the morning and went until about 8 that night. (With a few breaks in-between). But, I did it! Slowly, but surely, I did it.

DAY 2 WC: 3,685
DAY 2 WC TOTAL: 4,333

November 3rd – Day 3

On the third day of Nano, the words came so much easier! Like they just poured out of me like water. I reached my word count goal around lunch time and relaxed the rest of the day.

DAY 3 WC: 3,156
DAY 3 WC TOTAL: 7,489

November 4th – Day 4

Day 4 I was hit with the sick bug again and spent the day lounging around, writing. The words came in waves on this day, but I managed to squeeze out more than I intended too.

DAY 4 WC: 3,567
DAY 5 WC TOTAL: 11,056

November 5th – Day 5

So, today was Sunday, the last day of week one. The last day to reach my 10,000 word goal, which I managed to do on day 4! Now, I set myself up to reach the 50,000 words count and still have 5 days off. Which I kind of reserved for Sundays. Sundays are considered family day, since it’s the only day that my husband gets off. But, today was the last day of his elk hunt, so he wasn’t home. Which meant I was able to squeeze in some writing. I didn’t get a lot in, and I wasn’t too worried about it. Once, again I wasn’t feeling good, and was having some pain from my pregnancy, so most of my day was spent lounging around.

DAY 5 WC: 1,444
DAY 5 WC TOTAL: 12,500

Overall, week 1 of Nano, for me, was a great success! I’m excited to see where week 2 takes me and my novel!

nanowrimo word count log

Ignore the pink! Week 1 is in Red, Green, Blue, & Orange! Pink is the start of week 2!

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