Our Halloween ’17

Disclaimer: These aren’t the best pictures! They were all taken with my phone and some may even be blurry. But that’s okay. This is what my life truly looks like!

Do you want to know something that sucks?
Getting sick at the same time as your favorite holiday!

Yep, that’s what happened at our house. I got sick. My son got sick.
Just in time for Halloween!

Such a drag! I wasn’t up for getting dressed up, and I had to miss my son’s first Halloween party at school.  By the time he got home, he wasn’t really up for much. But we didn’t want him to miss out on trick or treating all together, so we went and did the last hour of our local business trick or treat and skipped out on going to the houses on our block.

It probably wasn’t the best idea to take him out and about, but he had a blast this year. He even went up and collected candy without us having to be right there with him. So, it was worth it.

Let’s start with…

Pumpkin Carving!

Every years that we carve pumpkins, we have a different experience. Some years Zayn’s all for it, and others, not so much. Last year, we just let Zayn paint his pumpkin, but this year we tried to get him more involved. But, he hates pumpkin guts! So, I ended up gutting the pumpkin, then he pretty much just stabbed his pumpkin and colored all over it. That was about it. He was more interested in the big spoon and his cartoons. So, Jesse and I were left to carve the pumpkins.

This year, Jesse had better luck with his carving and did a pretty good job. Then I tried to freehand a Spider Man face. (Zayn’s new favorite guy). It didn’t turn out too bad and I was pretty proud of it.

But…we had an epic fail when we never took the pumpkins outside. They sat near our nature gas stove for a few days and started to crumble. When I finally went to throw them out, they had started to mold on the inside, and were saggy and leaky.

So, we definitely learned something this year. PUT THEM OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thanks to our fail, we had no pumpkins for Halloween. But, luckily my 3 year old didn’t really care. I don’t think he even noticed.


Halloween Class Party

Then on Halloween, Zayn’s preschool threw a small Halloween party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend or go with them trick or treating. But he did get to wear his costume, which only stayed on for like 10 minutes.

I also made some cute little mummy brownies for his party and had a bit of a mom fail with the eggs! I had just taken out the garbage and hadn’t replaced the bag yet. I continued to finish making the brownies and went to grab the last egg and the whole carton decided to fall off the counter. Only 3 eggs survived the fall.

At least they made it into the garbage and not all over the floor!


Trick or Treating

Now, we had a bit of a fight getting him back into his costume, but once we were out and about, he loved it. We usually have to coax him to get up there to get candy, but this year he was all over it.

We decided to just keep him home for the rest of the evening, but he did come out and help me hand out candy to the trick or treaters! It was awesome seeing him share.

Isn’t he just the cutest Spiderman!



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