Fremont Lake Maternity

Wow! This pregnancy feels like it’s just flown by.
I still can’t believe that she will be here any day now!

We have enter into week 36 and I’m already at 3 cm! So, little miss could make her grand appearance at anytime. She definitely wont be making it to her due date of Christmas Eve, that’s for sure.

We were a little worried the last couple of weeks, because I was measuring almost 3 weeks ahead of what I was (34 weeks and was almost measuring 37) and at a previous ultrasound her tummy was measuring a bit big. So, we had another ultrasound scheduled for this week to see if everything was alright.

I’m still measuring a bit a head, and her tummy is still big, but it’s not a concern. There isn’t anything wrong with her tummy, she’s just gonna be a chubby baby! Everything else was measuring right on course.

She’s already head down, I’m half away thinned out, and sitting at 3 cm.

She told us to come with our bags packed at our next appointment (Wednesday the 6th, 37 weeks 3 days), just in case! If we make it past that appointment, my doctor will strip my membrane the following week, at 38 weeks. She believes that labor will happen within 48 hours of that. If not, after that I will be far enough along to be induced (39 weeks).

I don’t really want to be induced, but I also don’t want to have a huge baby. With her belly being so big, there is also the worry that her shoulders will be a bit wider, and its possible her shoulders could get lodged while delivering.

But, I really don’t think we’ll even make it that far! I think she’ll be here within the next two weeks! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



So, since we weren’t sure what was going to happen, or when she was actually going to arrive, I made my husband take me out to get a few maternity pictures. just in case.

I think he did a wonderful job, and he followed my directions well!


Bishop MaternityDSC_0147-1DSC_0153-1Bishop MaternityDSC_0154-1Bishop MaternityBishop MaternityBishop Maternity

Photos taken by my husband, edited by me!

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