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Hello, and Welcome to my page!

If you’re new here, you won’t notice any changes, but if you’ve been following this ‘blog’ over the last year you will notice the change.

The changes are here because I hated what I was doing before.

I started this blog/website as part of my author platform, which it will remain to be, but I’ll be going about it in a whole new way. The way I went into this was all WRONG. I wasn’t doing it because I loved it. I was doing it because I thought I had to. I was trying to come up with content that I thought I had to produce, especially to get a following. Along the way, I found out that, frankly, I HATE blogging. Yep, I said it. A writer who hates to write. (At least in this kind of format).

But, I do enjoy sharing my progress, lessons I’ve learned, and tips. But just not in a blog format. I love Instagram and taking and sharing photos and I’ve come to find that I enjoy making videos (YouTube). So, from now on this blog with relate with the things I actually enjoy, and be of the things I want to post.

I’m no longer going to be posting things that I think I have to post about. Instead I want to share what’s in my heart. I’m not after the followers just to say, hey look I have so and so followers. I want this to be a place were I can be true to myself and engage with an audience who actually wants to interact and know about what’s going on with not only my author journey, but my life.

So, here’s what can be expected from here on out. (Or, until I change things up again!) I’m going to try and write from the heart, and not be the grammar police on myself. There maybe be mistakes, and that’s okay. I’m learning to be okay with imperfection. Also, I’ll mostly be sharing pictures, treating this like a second Instagram in a way. And more than likely, there will be stories along with the pictures. I’ll also be sharing my videos from my YouTube Channel, where you can find more writerly things from me.

Lastly, this is my page, so I’ll share anything that I feel needs to be shared. From snaps of my daily writing progress, things about my personal life, what I’m currently reading and/or watching. I might even throw some reviews your way.

I think you get the idea! Right?!?

So, now that you have the run down, you can either:

  • Tag along for the ride and get to know me.
  • Or you know where the little x is to leave my page.


So, if you’re still here. Hello, My name is Sidnie and I’m a fantasy writer, YouTuber, and more importantly, a wife and mother! I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you, and get to know you as well.

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