#ThursdayAesthetic | Antagonist Pt. 2

So, I’m a bit late sharing this on here…like 3 days late…but I wanted to share two of the aesthetics that I made for this weeks #ThursdayAesthetic on Twitter.

I’ve decided to make two separate posts for them and this is post #2

Post #1 here.

Meet my other antagonist,  Daric.

Daric isn’t his ‘birth name’ but it’s what he goes by now. I’d share his real name but that would be super spoiler-y. So, you’ll have to read my book when it comes out to find out who Daric really is.

But I thought I’d share a little tid-bit of my story!

Daric smirked as he walked over to stand over me. That smirk made my skin crawl. I tried to push myself away with my legs, but only made it a couple of inches causing Daric to laugh.

“Oh my darling Selena, what a predicament you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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