CampNaNoWriMo | July 2018


So, I don’t think I have really mentioned that I’ve been participating in CampNaNoWriMo the whole month of July (so this last month).

I attempted to do CampNaNo back in April with a new WIP idea, but failed MISERABLY!

But this month, I had a plan (not a great, structured plan-but a plan non the less). I had just finished editing my WIP – Return to Allyeria – and was ready to start draft two. I was working on a new outline for draft two with the new ideas I came up with while editing. So, I had a rough road map of where to take draft two.

So, that’s the project I set for myself for CampNaNo. I set my goal low at 20,000 words for the whole month.

And guess what…


I actually met that 20,000 word goal!

I’m super proud of all the work that I did. I wasn’t even sure if i was going to be able to make it, but I kept pushing and finished with a day to spare.

Now, I don’t love most of what I wrote over the past month. But it still got wrote, and that’s what matters.

But now that the month is over, I discovered that I need to rework my outline. I still had gaps that need work. So, more than likely, those 20,000 words will end up being scrapped. It’s for the best and my story will end up being better for it!



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