Our Adventures…Many months ago!

I think I found my niche, and that would be: always posting things late! (As a blogger).

Ever since I started a blog (the many attempts) I always end up falling behind in posts.

Oh well I guess. Thank god this blog isn’t my number 1 priority or I’d be screwed!

But I’m here now trying to get things up! If you’d like to see things when I first post them, definitely check out my Instagram or even my Twitter. They’re always up to date.
(They’re just easier to stay on top of)!


ANYWAYS, here are some pictures that I took on one of the ranger rides we took a month or two ago. (Yep, that’s how slow I am)!

We went with some friends out to Meadow Lake in Wyoming and took one of the trails that took us up the mountain behind the lake. Let’s just say some of it was a bit scary and I thought we were going to die a few different times. (My husband rolled a truck backwards down a hill once with me in it and I’ve been kind of a puss ever since).

But here are just a couple photo’s from that mini trip!

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