Fleeting Moments

My mini vacation definitely brought me some clarity! •

The photographer in me has started to inch her way back out and it overwhelmed me. I love photography, but it caused some problems for me in the past (and I plan on posting a video all about it, so keep your eye out for that in the coming weeks!) So I put my camera down and started writing.
Lately, the itch for my camera had me second guessing all my choices.

▪Could I be a writer?
▪Am I even good at it?
▪Am I just wasting my time?
▪Should I quit and go back to photography?

Then that sent me into another spiral…
▪Could I be a photographer?
▪Am I even good at that?

There was so much going through my head, and on top of that my kids were sending me over the edge. I was a basket case of anxiety!

I finally took a step back and got out of my element. I went on vacation and guess what…my love for writing came back, along with another novel idea! I knew that writing was something I needed to continue.

But so was photography. I love being on both sides of the camera. But I hate the posed crap. I love the raw candid emotions of the everyday. So I will slowly dive back into offering sessions. But in my own way, at my own time!

But I want to capture moments like this. The moments that are fleeting. The moments that truly can’t be recreated. The moments that you rush to capture before they’re gone.

• • •

I made my husband run to get my camera to capture this image of my daughter snuggling me while we took a shower. Yes it’s an intimate moment, but it’s a moment that won’t last too much longer. She’ll grow up and have her own babies and all I’ll have are these memories preserved in photographs.


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