So, I’m a hardcore, must-do, or I’m going to fail miserably outliner.
Do I enjoy outlining?
But honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made on my writing journey.
I’ve tried “pantsing” and it was a big fat fail. It left me with no direction and I had no idea what to do. I wish I could write freely like that, but I just can’t.
Now that being said, I’m a crappy outliner. I haven’t found ‘my method’ yet, and I’ve reoutlined my current WIP more times than I’d like to admit.
But I recently just finished reading Outlining Your Novel, by @authorkmweiland and I LOVED it.
This book really gave me a new perspective on outlining and some ideas that I never even considered. Now I’m taking my WIP back to the outlining stage (yes AGAIN!) and implementing some of the resources I learned in this book. And guess what? I’m not even dreading it! I’m excited to dig even deeper into this stories potential.
•I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with an outline!


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