Back to Business

Tomorrow is the day! Diving back into all my crazy worlds and get some work done. Taking two weeks off has been great, but I’m definitely ready to get back to writing and filming!

Multiple Projects

Trying to get back into the game! ▪ These are all my shiny book ideas. Ones that have hit me out of nowhere and have consumed my soul. Now I have them all on display to keep me motivated. I’ve taken a step back and have started outlining my current WIP again (I feel like …

Fleeting Moments

My mini vacation definitely brought me some clarity! • The photographer in me has started to inch her way back out and it overwhelmed me. I love photography, but it caused some problems for me in the past (and I plan on posting a video all about it, so keep your eye out for that …

Knuckles with Idols

Oh how I wish I was young again and could experience things through a childs perspective! Why do we wish to grow up so fast? Trust me when I say, being an adult isn’t as glamorous as we all pictured it being!