Scribbler Tote

Finally breaking in the beautiful tote that was included in the June GoScribbler box! It’s the perfect size to tote around my laptop, a notebook or two, and even a book. And the best part, it’s not even bulky! If you are a writer go check out this subscription box! GoScribbler Website

July Scribbler UnBoxing!

I’ve got another unboxing for you guys!

I finally received July’s GoScribbler subscription box that everyone’s been raving about!

And I can see why everyone loved it…it’s definitely for those COFFEE LOVERS!

Though I don’t like coffee it was still an enjoyable box! Super bummed that my coaster was chipped when I received it. I have reached out to see about getting a replacement, but I’m still waiting on a reply.  I know it probably wasn’t them that broke it. It, more than likely, happened on the trip to Wyoming, but I’d still like a replacement, even if I have to pay for it! Might just have to wait and purchase a new one when they release their shop! (If the coasters even an option)!


Anyways if you’re a writer looking for a subscription box that’s targeted for writers, definitely check this box out! It has some amazing insights to the traditional writing world, and even great things if you plan to self-publish!

GoScribbler Website!

Story Idea Writing Tag



This tag has been circulating through YouTube for weeks now, and I’m finally getting around to doing it!

This tag was created by the lovely Bethany Atazadeh and Brooke Passmore!

And I was tagged by Lenn Woolston. (THANK YOU)!

Links to all their pages will be included at the bottom of this page!



1.CURRENT STORY: What is your current story idea that you’re working on right now?

2. SPARK OF INSPIRATION: Do your ideas begin with characters, plot, world building, or something else entirely?

3.BRAINSTORM: How do you puzzle piece your story elements together? Do you start with the ending and make your way to the beginning or vice versa?

4. KEEP OR TOSS: How do you know when you want to keep or dump a story idea?

5. ORIGINAL IDEA: How much of your original idea for your story is actually used once everything is finished?

6. HIDE OR SHARE: Do you share your book ideas with friends or keep them a secret?

7. DREAM: Have any of your book ideas originated with a dream/nightmare?

8. DOPPLEGANGER: Have you ever had an idea for a story but then see a similar premise in a book/tv-show/movie?

9. BIG SCREEN INSPIRATION – Have any of your favorite movies/tv shows sparked ideas for scenes in your book?

10. NOSTALGIA: What’s the oldest/first story idea you remember coming up with/writing down?


I tagged April Woodard, Kenzie Staley, and Emily Bourne.

Sorry if you guys have already been tagged, and have already done the tag. I didn’t check before I made this video! But if you’ve already done this, let me know so I can check it out!


Bethany Atazadeh: YOUTUBE

Brooke Passmore: YOUTUBE

Lenn Woolston: YOUTUBE

April Woodard: YOUTUBE

Kenzie Staley: YOUTUBE

Emily Bourne: YOUTUBE