A place to find all things writing, reading, and life related.

My hope is to do a tiny bit of ‘blogging’ in my own way. I’m not a blogger and I’m not going to push myself to be. I would like to keep you all up to date on what’s going on in my writing life, as well as, some of my personal life.

Under the tabs you’ll be able to find things like my writing process, what I’m working on, and maybe even some tips. You’ll also be able to see what I’m currently reading and books I love and recommend. Lastly, I like to share things from my personal life. From my kids and the adventures we have to new recipes or tv shows/movies I’m currently loving. I know not everyone wants to see these kinds of things so I will be keeping them to its own section under ‘life’.

I’ll try to keep this updated as much as I can, but I’ll be honest this isn’t a strong suit of mine. Writing and working on a book will always come before this, but I’ll try my best. The best place to stay up to date with me is on my Insta @Sidniebishop -you can also find it linked under the ‘Follow Me’ tab.